[2020]How to Get Organic Vegetables Directly from Farmers in Japan [bio]

2020/02/07 更新

The Environment Surrounding Vegetables in Japan
As you know Japan is a small island.
For long years, there are many small farmers , and JA established a large distribution network.
Thanks to it , we can easily get vegetables in supermarkets.

Vegetables in Japan are mostly non-GMO products.
However, organic vegetables are very rare and hard to get them.
And also, it is hard to get direct access to farmers because of the network.

Standards in Japan
Organic Farm in Japan

In Japan , there are several standards to show the safety of products.
You can check the following website to see what they are in detail.
JAS : Japanese Agricultural Standard
JGAP : Japan Good Agricultural Practice

How to Get Organic Vegetables in Japan

1. Organic Supermarket
There are some organic Supermarkets in Japan (mostly in Tokyo).
- Bio c' bon
- Natural House
- Natural Mart
- F&F

2. Marche
In Tokyo, many farmers markets are held every weekend.
You can check a list at this website!
The List of Farmers Market in Japan

3. Online
- Tabechoku
The Largest marketplace where organic farmers can sell their vegetables directly to customers.
- bio marche
Traditional large online store of organic vegetables.

How to Use Tabechoku(食べチョク)

(1) Select a Farmer

(2) (can) Ask Contents in Vege-box

↑ Each product page has a question form

(3) Order Form

↑Nickname & Password


↑Credit Card

(4) Wait
Just wait to arrive.

(5) Review
You can write a product review to farmers, and they may send back message to you. It may help you when you get again.

Product List
We will show the list of farmers who can speak English fluently.

※ And at the bottom of this article, we show a short dictionary about organic vegetables.
※Check here if you would like to see only organic vegetables (JAS).
We hope you enjoy a comfortable vegetable life even in Japan!!

Pachamama Farm in IBARAKI





Mr. Nakayama stayed south america for a few years, and started being a farmer in 2012 .

His farm is near from Tokyo. That's why his vegetables are said to be fresh!

Nakazato Natural Farm in Kochi





Mr. and Mrs. Nakazato are known as farmers who are "full of warm hospitality " in Tabechoku.

The farm is located in a small village where is surrounded by a lot of beautiful nature.

They have a lot of fans in Japan because of their fresh vegetables and hospitality.

Awa Tsukuyomi Farm in Tokushima





Awa Tsukuyomi Farm is a very popular farm in Tabechoku.
Their tomato is one of the best sellers.

They have accepted to offer from foreign travelers to stay there.

Farm 1739 in Tochigi





When you would like to try some Japanese rice, we recommend you to buy it.

This product is a set of rice and snacks.

Rice "Koshihikari" is one of the most popular kind of rice.
Snack "Inapon" is an additive-free snack. Its ingredients are only rice, sugar and salt.

Open Pantry in Gunma

Open Pantry


Open Pantry


The owner of this farm lived in U.K. for 10 years and his wife is from there.

They produce several kinds of vegetable, and please ask them if you need some fresh vegetables.

Fresh Veggie set (Size 60)

Base Side Farm


Base Side Farm


Small veggie set contains

Kale, Leek, Spinach, Mizuna green, Komatsuna Flower buds.

Just wrapped in news paper. No plastic bags but if you prefer a plastic bag, please let us know when you place the order.

You might feel this Size 60 for this price is a little bit expensive.
Even 1 box or 3 boxes order we still have to go through the process of harvest-wash-wrap-shipping. Please understand.

[Dictionary between Japanese and English]

有機/オーガニック - organic
自然栽培 - pesticide-free & non-fertilizer
無農薬 – pesticide-free
無添加 – additive-free

平飼い - free range
放し飼い卵 (hanashigai tamago) – free range eggs
グラスフェッドビーフ/牧草牛 – 100 percent grass-fed meat

農家 - Farmer
生産者 - Producer(eg. Farmer,Fisher)

As you know, it is really hard to get organic & fresh vegetables in japan.
I hope you to share this page and tell your friends several ways to get them.

Writer : Yusuke
Love vegetables and farming.
Stayed at several farms in foreign countries (e.g. Texas in U.S. ).






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【キャンペーン概要】 食べチョクに登録 (https://www.tabechoku.com/login)しメールマガジンの会員になると、抽選で毎日1名様に2,000円分のクーポンをプレゼントします!     【プレゼント内容】 食べチョクで注文時にご利用いただける2,000円分の割引クーポンをアカウントにお届けします。定期便を除く、全商品に適用できます。(売り切れの商品にはご利用いただけません)     【当選について】 当選者の方へのメール、及びクーポンの付与をもって当選発表と代えさせ...


【2020年台風9号・10号】被災生産者 支援特集

【2020年台風9号・10号】被災生産者 支援特集

台風9号・10号の影響による記録的な大雨・暴風により、各地に甚大な被害がもたらされました。 台風により被災された皆さまには心よりお見舞いを申し上げます。 まだ被害の全容が見えてこない中ではありますが、現時点ですでに影響が出てしまっている生産者さんがいます。 自然災害の影響を大きく受けてしまう一次産業者の現実をご理解いただき、皆で支えていけるように食べチョクでは支援特集を開始しました。 本特集では、台風9号・10号で影響を受けた生産者さんの商品を掲載しております。 生産者さんのこだわりの商品...




いつも食べチョクをご利用いただきありがとうございます。 台風10号の影響により、商品のお届けに遅れが生じる可能性がございます。 発送後の商品につきましても、配送業者により遅延することがございます。 ============== 各配送業者による遅延および配送停止状況 ヤマト運輸 【台風10号の影響による荷物のお届けについて】 (https://www.kuronekoyamato.co.jp/ytc/info/info_200903.html) 佐川急便 【台風9号、10号による集配への影...



食べチョク831の日 〜定期便に申し込むともれなくクーポンプレゼント!〜

**本キャンペーンは終了しております。クーポンは2020年9月14日(月)に付与させていただきました。** 8月31日は831(野菜)の日。 食べチョクには生産者さんの定期便の商品が出品されているのをご存知ですか? お気に入りの商品をちょっとお得に毎日の食生活に取り入れるチャンスです🍅🌽🍇 期間中に定期便にお申込みいただいた方にはもれなく食べチョク上で使えるクーポンをプレゼント🎁 ◼︎期間 2020年8月31日10:00~9月6日23:59 ◼︎対象 期間中に定期便に申し込まれた方 ※食べ...